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Gianforte Family Foundation: Nurturing and Feeding Families around the world! Building communities and supporting Education and Montanans!

No wonder Bullock is scared and spewing out false attacks! Greg Gianforte is everything he is not.

Greg Gianforte came to Montana to be successful and help others to be successful.

Bullock did not have what it takes to make it in Montana so he left!

Greg Gianforte's Success is about efficiency!

Bullock is about taking our tax money and growing inefficient Government

Greg Gianforte refuses special interest monies!

Bullock is selling Montana to Special interests!

Greg Gianforte already has a track record of working to sort out access issues with the state!

Bullock has a track record of selling Montana Lands!

Bullock like his other Democrat friends in Washington DC, illegaly wiped out his government emails!!

The Facts are there for all to see We can not stand another four years of Bullock!!

Voting for Greg Gianforte is a positive benefit to our families and State!

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