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The Green Energy Lie is Very Dark

cannot run without fossil fuel

A recent narration exposing the lie of green energy and how is worse than fossil fuel as it required fossil fuel to generate the energy for its use. How it is presented is cute, but to save time we’ve put together this outline to show the highlights.

Batteries: Energy Storage systems

1.These storage systems need recharging via fossil fuel.

A.So there is no savings of energy

2.The very toxic Materials used in the batteries

A.Have a need to be disposed of at some point

B.Fossil fuel is needed to process the mined materials

C.And much of the mined materials come from countries that use slave labor

i.Creating health hazards for the slaves

ii.Making the mining process very egregious and disgusting

There is energy cost of shipping the material to be processed for use Download photo of statement, Energy Storage? Click here!

Battery Manu worse than petro

You see from this short outline that Green is worse than Fossil Fuel in all aspects. And all three of the technologies, Batteries, Windmills and Solar, are not green but very destructive!

Wasteful wind generation

When the crowd settled down, a scholarly-looking man walked out and put his hand on the shiny block, “Good evening,” he said, “I am here to introduce NMC532-X,” and he patted the block, “we call him NM for short,” and the man smiled proudly. “NM is a typical electric vehicle (EV) car battery in every way except one; we programmed him to send signals of the internal movements of his electrons when charging, discharging, and in several other conditions. We wanted to know what it feels like to be a battery. We don’t know how it happened, but NM began to talk after we downloaded the program. Download Full Statement In PDF?

Well Stated Lecture on the Green Lie

When I saw the title of this lecture, especially with the picture of the scantily clad model, I couldn’t resist attending. The packed auditorium was abuzz with questions about the lecture, nobody seemed to know what to expect. The only hint was a large aluminum block sitting on a sturdy table on the stage.

Despite this ability, we put him in a car for a year and then asked him if he’d like to  do presentations about batteries.  He readily agreed on the condition he could say whatever he wanted. We thought that was fine, and so, without further ado, I’ll turn the floor over to NM,” the man turned and walked off the stage.

deisel electric car generator

Quotes from both sides

The Earth is a fine place and worth fighting for.

-Ernst Hemingway Environmeantlist

It is Horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the Environment

-ANSEL Adams Anti-Environmentalist

Weather Environemantlism or not all man kind wants a safer and better world, Its the question of weather they know how to make it better rather then say what matters most.

Feel free to speak out your own voice and debate in the comment section below!

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