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The Montana Swamp Creatures, better known as RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) Use a very deceitful plan to make themselves look like the stand up for conservative issues when in fact they vote for big spending and increased taxation in areas that financially support their special interests and themselves!

Total Explanation of the Swamp

Exposure of the Swamp, who they are, how they operate and how they negatively impact our lives and the economies of Montanans!

trump about dems

The Swamp is about greed!

We are seeing the revealing of the RINOs who want the personal financial advantage of supporting special interests. The Swamp lies to themselves with the idea that higher taxes and government spending is somehow good. When promoting small government actually leaves more money and better jobs in the lives of Montanans!



Montana Swamp is Real!

What you see here are the resources available to check out who it is your voting for and who not to vote for.

"Gas Tax" Garners Voting Records!

Garner Mailer page-0001

"Gas Tax" has a voting record that shows he is not who he pretends to be!

Every fact listed above is just that, a verifiable fact revealed. It is no wonder that he voted to hide his record from "We the People" ! You can verify his voting record and read the bills!

Garner Campaigns with 'NO' on CSKT Water Compact!

"Gas Tax" Garner was part of one of the most Corrupt cabals in Montana History that broke the rules in order to pass the very egregious CSKT Water Compact, that takes away the property and water rights of Montanans!



Garner CAMPAIGNED on not expanding Obamacare!!

When asked if He would expand Obamacare - Medicaid Expansion, HE said NO. But was the fact that his hospital employer would benefit from expansion the reason "Gas Tax" Voted for it when Montanan's Voted "NO" in 2018 Election!! Not defending "we the people" at all. Then not reading the bill apparently he voted for things he said he was against. Looks like he sold out to special interests!

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