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Putting Montana First

Means bringing opportunity to montanan's!

Federal Policies are Ripping off Montanan's


Radical Environmentalists who are destroying our forests and economy give monies to Bullock


Preserving the Environment is hands on !

-  Let it burn strategies are a crime !

-  Cleaning up dead trees, stops fires & disease !

-  4,510 miles of F.S. Roads have been removed !

-  $270 Million spent on road removal & reparations !

-  While not one dime spent on fire prevention !

-  Harvesting Trees maintains lush habitat !

-  Steady Tree Harvests create more Jobs !

-  Harvests yield healthier and more abundant Wildlife!

-  Proper Management Means taking care of what belongs to Montana. Something that should be done by Montanan's.


Before 1980 We Managed Forests up close and personal:

  1.  We manned lookout towers
  2.  We hired smoke chasers to put out fire before they got a good start.
  3. We took care of trails better.
  4. Logging gave us better access for recreation and fire management
  5. Documentation showed we could sustain our levels of harvest above 100 Million Bd Feet per year.
  6. The result was an economy that thrived with better paying jobs

The lack of fires and plentiful healthy wildlife then, stand as proof of stewardship successfully done !

After the 1980's radical environmental groups shut down harvest and increased fuel on the ground.

  1. Manned towers could still be used but they are left to decay
  2. Even though we have the technology to identify by radar every lightning strike, we just let it burn.
  3. There are so many advantages to smoke chasing and putting out the fires before they get a real start, but we do not.
  4. The policy is to let it burn till the fire is big enough to bring in big money equipment.
    1. This policy is not only so much more expensive it burns our precious resources that could be used.
    2. This policy threatens private property.
  5. We spend money tearing out roads instead of maintaining them for smoke chasers.
  6. Then we can spend even more money putting them back to fight fires or spend billions on pricier equipment.

Poor management is theft of Montana's Assets!


HomeRenewable ResourcesDem's Favor RefugeesWho Is Gianforte?Evidence of Bullock Crime Putting Montana First Means bringing opportunity to montanan's! Proper management keeps fires smaller and easier to handle and more accessible thereby preventing our resources from going up in smoke!


Digging into the historical archives of Flathead forest management is a very revealing journey.

Reasonable records were kept to the beginning of logging in the Flathead back to the 1890's.

Records such as species specific harvests and the influence of the times on the harvests and the changes with methods are very clearly documented.

In the early days camps were set up and the men lived in the camps in the area of the harvest. During WWII the board feet of harvest dropped off and it was noticed as well that beetle kill was becoming a pervasive problem. A problem which the Forest Service correctly attacked with massive road development and Harvesting to clear out the fuel. The graph shows that the cleaning up of the fuel as a good managing tool, worked to keep kept our air and communities clear of pollution and promoted a good economy.

Democrats and Environmentalists have reversed management plans creating more destruction of our resources polluting our Air quality and killing our economy.

Let it burn does not work!!

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